Don’t You Dare!

As I glimpse the news and hear about the state of the economy and the never-ending fight between Democrats and Republicans; as I hear all of the clever justifications of business leaders whose only value is money; as I get wind of all of the crime, violence and murder, only one thing comes to mind–Don’t You Dare!

Don’t you dare let these dramas into your head and heart.  That is always the challenge for us as we try to make some sense of our lives and maintain some peace of mind.  It can all be such a whirlwind at times.  If we take the state of the world at face value, it can pull all the joy right out of our chests and make us feel like “what’s the point of trying”?

Noooo.  Don’t go there.  You see, that’s when they win!  But we will not give them that pleasure.  We have family to love and personal interests to explore.  And yes, we have money to make too, and strategies to develop to figure out how we are going to make our money on our journey and who we are going to help along the way. Besides, the dramas of the world are there for reasons that are ever-unfolding and balancing themselves out.

So, I hope you will keep your focus on you, where your dreams are; and your love, and your personal power to learn, create, improvise, and define yourself.  Don’t you dare give them one ounce of your joy, your heart, or your energy.

Keep on keeping on.  Keep on being your dynamic self!

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