Don’t You Dare!

As I glimpse the news and hear about the state of the economy and the never-ending fight between Democrats and Republicans; as I hear all of the clever justifications of business leaders whose only value is money; as I get wind of all of the crime, violence and murder, only one thing comes to mind–Don’t You Dare!

Don’t you dare let these dramas into your head and heart.  That is always the challenge for us as we try to make some sense of our lives and maintain some peace of mind.  It can all be such a whirlwind at times.  If we take the state of the world at face value, it can pull all the joy right out of our chests and make us feel like “what’s the point of trying”?

Noooo.  Don’t go there.  You see, that’s when they win!  But we will not give them that pleasure.  We have family to love and personal interests to explore.  And yes, we have money to make too, and strategies to develop to figure out how we are going to make our money on our journey and who we are going to help along the way. Besides, the dramas of the world are there for reasons that are ever-unfolding and balancing themselves out.

So, I hope you will keep your focus on you, where your dreams are; and your love, and your personal power to learn, create, improvise, and define yourself.  Don’t you dare give them one ounce of your joy, your heart, or your energy.

Keep on keeping on.  Keep on being your dynamic self!

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Dance of the Fireflies

About three weeks ago at nightfall, I came out of a restaurant that was across the street from a wooded area; and there, in all their glory were hundreds of fireflies!  What a sight to see!  The woods were aglow with organic sparkle.  I just stood there for a moment taking it all in.  I was amazed that everyone didn’t pull over, turn off their headlights and engines, and marvel at the silent dance of the fireflies.

I discovered a few years ago that the firefly’s light is it’s mating call.  It’s just nature following her course, but it always gives me pause and brings a smile to my face.

A friend of mine in Europe says that they don’t have fireflies in his part of the world.  He’s never seen one!  Can you imagine that?  I found myself trying to describe their lyrical light display to him, but I don’t think I did it justice.  A person just has to be there, you know what I mean?

When I was a little girl, we used to call them ‘lightning bugs’.  All the kids were in awe of the glow bugs, and we would stop whatever we were doing to watch the tiny creatures at play as our youthful day was coming to a close.

I miss those days when people were more connected with nature and knew instinctively to give pause and take in nature’s awesome magic.  Communing with nature is one of the ways that I maintain ‘true toughness’.  Nature soothes and fortifies me against stress so I don’t wind up surrendering my good judgment to alcohol, drugs, or some other self-defeating choice.  Taking pause from the man-made world helps me to keep my mind, body, and spirit balanced, and it helps me to keep my good mood intact.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching the fireflies with a friend on a warm summer’s night, before the dance is over.

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Reversing the Script

Have you ever thought of a goal or dream, and played it out in in your head with less than favorable results?  Well today, why not try reversing the script?  It’s just a mental quirk that causes us to anticipate disaster, and of course, we have plenty of help from all the violence and drama we see on television and in society.  For certain, “thinking positively” would be much easier to accomplish if we saw more positivity in the events of the world around us.  So you’ve got to be aware of this void as you practice projecting outwardly, your own personal script.

Setting the tone for how you want ‘your’ world to be, takes a lot of forethought and practice.  And, unfortunately, we are creatures of habit.  Habits create patterns in our brains that repeat themselves (our brains become ‘hard-wired’, as the saying goes).  It’s up to us to create patterns of good-feeling thoughts and actions through various methods of re-programing ourselves.

One of the ways I have found to do this is to write out how I want a situation to play out.  As you do this, you will start to identify gaps that need to be filled in, questions that need to be asked, and details that need attending to.

Let’s say for example, that you want a particular job, and in your mind, you have imagined every possible reason why you won’t get it.  You’ve told yourself you don’t type fast enough; or you don’t have good enough computer skills; the job is too far away; or the company hasn’t hired many minorities.

Now, reverse that script!  Think about the strengths that you do have.  Imagine that your typing speed is adequate, and that because you are neatly dressed, your new employer has a good feeling about you.  See yourself dialoging with him or her about why you are interested in this particular job and see the awareness coming to their face that you would be a good team member.  See yourself finding that job within a reasonable distance from your home.  Imagine that while you are at the library or grocery store, you just happen to meet someone who can help you improve your computer skills in exchange for you walking their dog or cutting their grass.

Now you’re creating a mental script that gives you drive to get out of the bed each day and do the digging that it takes to make it all happen.

Little by little you’ll be able to add detail to the script that gives it life and momentum.  It starts with a pattern of thought that is fruitful and positive.  So, anytime you catch yourself thinking of defeat–‘reverse the script’ and write or talk it out the way you really want it to go. Good luck on your journey!







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Talking About Problems Makes Them Grow

What’s the first thing that happens when you start thinking or talking about a problem?  You start to feel awful, right?  You start to absorb the energy characteristics of the problem; and that type of energy is usually so intense that it feels like a punch to the stomach, everytime.  This is why you will rarely hear me talk about a problem except when it is absolutely necessary–and even then, I will only talk about it briefly because I refuse to let it drain my energy.

I try to always give my energy to positive solutions.  That is the only way I know to get the “punched” feeling out of my stomach and keep my head clear so I can get to a place in the situation where I feel better and am able to make the problem better.

  Let’s say for example, that you need money.  How are you going to earn some?  Are you going to look for office work, outdoor work, create something to sell, or perform for an audience in some way?  Which one of these choices do you think suits you better?  Where are you going to start looking for clues and leads to earning money in a way that best suits you?

Now then, what did we just do?  We put our focus on a ‘solution’ instead of focusing on the problem.  How did it . . . feel?  Pretty good, right?  Yeah it did.  No punch to the stomach, right?  Just clear thinking to help lift your spirits and get you to where you need to be mentally to start finding some opportunities to earn money.

There’s always two sides to every coin; a dark side and a bright side.  And for every problem, the solution can usually be found within the problem itself.   So, never let a problem drain all of your energy.  Try to always keep your mind rooted in positive solutions, and your days will be filled with good vibes and interesting adventures.

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Who Are You?

from p. 30 of Tough Enough: How to Meet Life’s Challenges Through True Self-Love

. . . You have to decide who you want to be and what you want to stand for, and why.  Who you are, is an honorable person, and what you stand f or is, what is right.  The reason why you stand for what is right, is because you know it will build more peace and happiness into your world.  So always remember that the benefits to you, of being kind, far outweigh a decision to be hard and closed off. . .

“Would you agree with the above statement or not? I think that in this world of ‘anything goes’ it’s vitally important to be clear on who you are and what you stand for.  It gives you inner-strength and peace of mind so you don’t get sucked into the chaos that is constantly being stirred up.  Whatever else you may be, whomever else you may feel that you are, I hope you will always stand firmly on the side of kindness and honor.” 

For more ideas on building inner-strength and peace of mind, order a copy of Tough Enough: How to Meet Life’s Challenges Through True Self-Love at:

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Spring; A Time of Renewal

One of the ways that I stay strong for dealing with life’s challenges, is to get into a natural rhythm with Earth’s cycles.  There’s literally magic in the air in the Springtime.  The Earth has completed its cycle of rest and slumber, and everything is bursting with new life, and new beginnings.  We can feel this ‘aliveness’ in our bodies too.

During the early days of Spring, I don’t just shake the  dust off of the bookshelves and pantrys; I shake the dust off my bones and s-t-r-e-t-c-h my body until it is awake with the flow of new-life energy that Springtime brings.

To renew my spirit, I always make time for a day of rest after I have completed the deep-cleaning chores around the house.  On that restful day, I bring fresh flowers into my freshly cleaned home, fling the windows open, and charge the house up with fresh air.  Then, I do some yoga poses and stretches, breathing deeply all the while.  I let the heightened energy of Spring air fill my lungs, home, and heart, for a natural lift that has no parallel.

Then. . . . I sit quietly for a bit, enjoying the charged atmosphere I’ve created in my personal space.  I sip on a fragrant cup of tea, like, camomile, lemongrass, and rose hips to awaken my senses even further . . . .

. . . . And for a time . . . . I am at peace, and feel deep gratitude for this thing we call life.

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