Talking About Problems Makes Them Grow

What’s the first thing that happens when you start thinking or talking about a problem?  You start to feel awful, right?  You start to absorb the energy characteristics of the problem; and that type of energy is usually so intense that it feels like a punch to the stomach, everytime.  This is why you will rarely hear me talk about a problem except when it is absolutely necessary–and even then, I will only talk about it briefly because I refuse to let it drain my energy.

I try to always give my energy to positive solutions.  That is the only way I know to get the “punched” feeling out of my stomach and keep my head clear so I can get to a place in the situation where I feel better and am able to make the problem better.

  Let’s say for example, that you need money.  How are you going to earn some?  Are you going to look for office work, outdoor work, create something to sell, or perform for an audience in some way?  Which one of these choices do you think suits you better?  Where are you going to start looking for clues and leads to earning money in a way that best suits you?

Now then, what did we just do?  We put our focus on a ‘solution’ instead of focusing on the problem.  How did it . . . feel?  Pretty good, right?  Yeah it did.  No punch to the stomach, right?  Just clear thinking to help lift your spirits and get you to where you need to be mentally to start finding some opportunities to earn money.

There’s always two sides to every coin; a dark side and a bright side.  And for every problem, the solution can usually be found within the problem itself.   So, never let a problem drain all of your energy.  Try to always keep your mind rooted in positive solutions, and your days will be filled with good vibes and interesting adventures.

About Deborah Johnson

I am an artist of three orientations: a healing artist, a fine artist, and a literary artist. Always growing, always sharing, always loving.
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