Reversing the Script

Have you ever thought of a goal or dream, and played it out in in your head with less than favorable results?  Well today, why not try reversing the script?  It’s just a mental quirk that causes us to anticipate disaster, and of course, we have plenty of help from all the violence and drama we see on television and in society.  For certain, “thinking positively” would be much easier to accomplish if we saw more positivity in the events of the world around us.  So you’ve got to be aware of this void as you practice projecting outwardly, your own personal script.

Setting the tone for how you want ‘your’ world to be, takes a lot of forethought and practice.  And, unfortunately, we are creatures of habit.  Habits create patterns in our brains that repeat themselves (our brains become ‘hard-wired’, as the saying goes).  It’s up to us to create patterns of good-feeling thoughts and actions through various methods of re-programing ourselves.

One of the ways I have found to do this is to write out how I want a situation to play out.  As you do this, you will start to identify gaps that need to be filled in, questions that need to be asked, and details that need attending to.

Let’s say for example, that you want a particular job, and in your mind, you have imagined every possible reason why you won’t get it.  You’ve told yourself you don’t type fast enough; or you don’t have good enough computer skills; the job is too far away; or the company hasn’t hired many minorities.

Now, reverse that script!  Think about the strengths that you do have.  Imagine that your typing speed is adequate, and that because you are neatly dressed, your new employer has a good feeling about you.  See yourself dialoging with him or her about why you are interested in this particular job and see the awareness coming to their face that you would be a good team member.  See yourself finding that job within a reasonable distance from your home.  Imagine that while you are at the library or grocery store, you just happen to meet someone who can help you improve your computer skills in exchange for you walking their dog or cutting their grass.

Now you’re creating a mental script that gives you drive to get out of the bed each day and do the digging that it takes to make it all happen.

Little by little you’ll be able to add detail to the script that gives it life and momentum.  It starts with a pattern of thought that is fruitful and positive.  So, anytime you catch yourself thinking of defeat–‘reverse the script’ and write or talk it out the way you really want it to go. Good luck on your journey!







About Deborah Johnson

I am an artist of three orientations: a healing artist, a fine artist, and a literary artist. Always growing, always sharing, always loving.
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