Who Is Deborah Johnson?

I am a student of life.

My constant goal has been to find a balance in life that provides peace, joy, and health.

What are the components needed to have peace within?
What disciplines are necessary?
How do I maintain a joyful heart when there is so much stress and violence in the world?How do I strike a healthy balance between work and play?

The keys I have found so far, I share with you in my blog and my book Tough Enough: How to Meet Life’s Challenges through True Self-Love.

For more information on Tough Enough, visit my website at www.truetolifepublishing.com.

Here’s wishing you a Joyous Heart on your journey through this mystical life.

~Deborah Johnson

1 Response to Who Is Deborah Johnson?

  1. Holly Lee says:

    Great start with the blog–I found myself breathing deeply, getting ready for a walk.


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