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I am an artist of three orientations: a healing artist, a fine artist, and a literary artist. Always growing, always sharing, always loving.

Don’t You Dare!

As I glimpse the news and hear about the state of the economy and the never-ending fight between Democrats and Republicans; as I hear all of the clever justifications of business leaders whose only value is money; as I get … Continue reading

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Dance of the Fireflies

About three weeks ago at nightfall, I came out of a restaurant that was across the street from a wooded area; and there, in all their glory were hundreds of fireflies!  What a sight to see!  The woods were aglow with … Continue reading

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Reversing the Script

Have you ever thought of a goal or dream, and played it out in in your head with less than favorable results?  Well today, why not try reversing the script?  It’s just a mental quirk that causes us to anticipate … Continue reading

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Talking About Problems Makes Them Grow

What’s the first thing that happens when you start thinking or talking about a problem?  You start to feel awful, right?  You start to absorb the energy characteristics of the problem; and that type of energy is usually so intense … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

from p. 30 of Tough Enough: How to Meet Life’s Challenges Through True Self-Love . . . You have to decide who you want to be and what you want to stand for, and why.  Who you are, is an honorable … Continue reading

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Spring; A Time of Renewal

One of the ways that I stay strong for dealing with life’s challenges, is to get into a natural rhythm with Earth’s cycles.  There’s literally magic in the air in the Springtime.  The Earth has completed its cycle of rest … Continue reading

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